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The company possesses more than 500 sets of advanced melting, casting and metal cutting machines, including 5 sets of 600kg,750kg,1500kg melting furnaces, 56 sets of 400kg to 1000kg low pressure casting machines, 2sets of 280 ton and 420 ton cold chamber machines, 7 sets of continuous and well type heat treatment furnaces, 4 sets of shot blasting machines and 5 sets of shell core machines. In order to manufacture high quality and high performance products , the company invested 70 million yuan in early 2016 to import 50 sets of high precision and advanced processing equipment and automatic production lines, including Germany DMG  five-axis machining center, South Korea double-station horizontal machining center, high-speed drilling and milling,turning center.The company realized the independently design, processing and assembly of product molds, thus improving the processing accuracy and appearance quality of the casting. The company possesses casting technologies of low pressure casting,vacuum pressure casting,metal type gravity casting, with weight ranging from 0.03kg to 1000kg above,the products possess features of high strength,high conductivity,high gas tightness and so on.
The company possess the RF-225KV , X ray testing machine which is largest in north of china, the biggest testing thickness of aluminum is 120mm, the biggest testing rangeφ2meter*1.5meter, HB 3000B's hardness tester, G type hardness tester, 50T universal tensile test machine conduct test on strength and hardness of aluminum alloy casting after heat treatment. German Caisijin phase analyzer adopt advanced ICCS optical system, the powerful analytical software can supply a lot of professional measuring modules that matching with actual demand of production. This machine adopt CCD camera can realized the connecting control with computer which can collect at real time and capture picture. The automatic high precision three coordinates measuring machine( Hex Con.Explorer10128), effective measuring range X axis as 1.2meter, Y axis as 1meter , Z axis as 0.8meter. Differential pressure leak detector realized test on quota of air tightness of casting , thus guarantee the whole processing quality control during the production.


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