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Mold Workshop

The Mould Division belonging to Shandong Taikai Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. it is an professional department integrating design, research, production and sales which are committed to specialization and precision to offer superior service for customers from home and abroad. The Division possess advanced machining equipment such as CNC processing center, large-scale CNC vertical turning machine, numerical control horizontal lathe, grinding machine, wire cutting, electric spark, numerical control horizontal milling and boring machine, ordinary lathe, ordinary milling machine, large scale rocker drilling machine etc.
The moulds produced by the Mould Division are mainly aimed to aluminum alloy automobile hub, new energy vehicles, auto gearbox, switching industry, power equipment, military industry, rail transportation etc. The Mould Division are looking forward to satisfying customer's demand to the maximum via by offering superior products and services. We are committed to creating more values for customer and company to fulfil the win-win of cooperation.
Corner of mould processing workshop
Corner of mould processing workshop
Mould processing workshop
Mould processing workshop
Gantry machining center
Gantry machining center
Grinding machine
Grinding machine workshop


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